Ride Application (please copy and complete)

Wolfgang Scherzer Dressage Clinic

Rider Application ~ April 27 & 28, 2019

Sandy Young Training Center

1828 Eastbrook Rd ~ New Castle, PA 16101



Name of Rider _______________________________________ Age (if Junior) ______


Address _____________________ City ________________ State______ Zip________


Phone_________________________   Email _________________________________


Name of Horse ___________________ Breed _______  Sex ________ Age ________


Owner of Horse (if other than rider)  ________________________________________


Highest Level Horse has been shown? ___________Recognized or Schooling Shows?


Highest Level Rider has shown? ________________Recognized or Schooling Shows?



Prefer to ride: Saturday ________ Sunday _______ Both Days _______

                      (Individual 45-minute sessions   $155.00)


If clinic is full, would you like to be placed on a Wait List?  _________


If yes, what is the latest date to be notified for you to participate? _________________


Stabling ($20.00 per day)              FRI           SAT         SUN



Please note the following:

• Helmets required 

• Current (within 1 year) Negative Coggins  

• Sandy Young Training Center will not be responsible for accident or injury to horse, exhibitor, or spectator.


Signature of Rider  _________________________________________________


Signature of Owner of Horse _________________________________________



Return application to: Sandy Young  1828 Eastbrook Rd, New Castle, PA 16101  or sandyjyoung@verizon.net