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Wolfgang Scherzer

German Bereiter, Wolfgang Scherzer is a popular clinician around the United States due to his engaging teaching style and his firm commitment to correct riding. Please visit his website: for more information about this amazing teacher.  

Look at the nice things people are saying........


     "If I may add my "2 cents worth" -- he's just awesome -- knowledgeable, POSITIVE, funny, great eye    and fun to work (HARD!) with - and easy on the eyes, LOL" ... Penny Shook


     "my 2 cents worth too...AWESOME" ...Linda Quinn


     "Don't miss an opportunity to learn from Wolfgang! He is a very motivating and unselfish teacher!!!! Also lot's of fun! " ... Leslie O'Sullivan


     "Trying to get him back to Gainesville Florida! He's the best!" ...Rebecca Jane Burns


     "Aww, I wish I was going to be back from Florida, I used to ride with Wolfgang years ago in Alaska! " ...Rhianna Pankhurst

Dear Wolfgang Scherzer,

Thanks for the instruction and for the memories.........

Wolfgang Scherzer
Sandy and Wolfgang
Mary Beth
Another of Kathleen
Sandy with Angel
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