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Sandy Young Training Center.......


In 2002, I purchased my own stable. This was the beginning of an entirely new era for me. Until then I had always leased facilities to train in, but with a leased facility came too many restrictions. With a free rein, I still offer top quality service and care, but now the sky is the limit and your dreams are within your reach.


What can you expect here at SYTC............

You and your horse will receive the absolute best care available anywhere. I provide a program that is personalized and tailored to fit both you and your best friend.

I have a fully qualified, friendly, professional staff to help make sure that your horse receives all the needed care and lots of loving attention while they are here at Sandy Young Training Center.

Take a look around.............


There are 25 large comfortable stalls, cleaned and bedded daily, plenty of fresh water, hay, and grain.


     Two indoor arenas anchor the training here at SYTC. The 60' x 80' arena is used to start young horses and beginner riders, as well as basic groundwork.


     As proficiency and skill increases, we move to the  80' x 200' show size indoor arena. As weather allows, we spend plenty of time in the 100' x 200' fenced outdoor ring.

     There are several turn out paddocks which are safely fenced. They allow the horses some daily "fun time" where they can play, run or graze at will.


      I believe that a horse and rider are only as good as their training, and therefore, your horse will have my undivided attention. I also believe that a horse and rider are a team, a pair joined, working together as one, and I will do my very best to bring you both together to form that special team.


     With our warm and friendly atmosphere, lots of "stable events" and plenty of good clean fun, what could be better? Stop by or call to talk to us about what we can offer you and your horse.




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