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Future Star.....

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Definitely, the Jackpot!!!!

Show Results!!!  2023

PA  Arabian Games 2023
June 23-25

Dori’s first show in 4 years on Cowgirl Anthem LA. New horse to her and big smiles all around!

I did get to take a gorgeous and talented young gelding of my own. It’s often hard to squeeze that time out to work on your own, but this weekend, I finally got to show my beautiful Skydance C, by Mirage V ++++/. And he did not disappoint. He was in SHIH in 4 classes, and came out with 3 firsts and a second. In his debut in SHUS, he received a first and second, and in his debut in dressage, took home 2 firsts. I feel so blessed to have this horse in my life. He’s quite the character. 

Toni on her special guy,Ziminy Cricket +// after a great western dressage ride.

The award table for Toni Elliott's beloved RGT Ziminy Cricket +// and the Award table for TB Dusty Road +. 

It's not official yet, but Smoke did well enough to earn his Legion of Merit, getting that last halter point he needed. We had our best Ranch Rail ride to date, and he and Sandy will be working together on Ranch Riding at ECC. Thank you all for the fun weekend we spent together!

Ready to serve dessert for our shared Achievement Award celebration.

Many thanks to the staff and volunteers at the Pa Arabian Games show in Centre Hall this weekend. Cricket Gates, you never cease to amaze me with your energy and stamina, filling many roles, and with a smile on your face. There are so many others, and I’m sure I don’t remember all their names. The ladies who scored dressage, and SHIH, Sari Bolnick, always worked long hours and had to be exhausted. It takes a lot to put on a show like this! My clients and myself, always love coming to this show. Thank you!!

I got to try my first ranch riding class on Carolyn’s awesome guy, Smoke. It was a blast, even though we had a few hiccups, I can hardly wait to have another chance! (Sandy on Smoke).


We made it safely home from the Pa Games show. It was a busy few days, but everyone had great rides and showed huge improvements. As their trainer, I was very proud.

More show (off)  pictures to come this year!!!!

First of 6 SHUS AOTR

First of 6 SHUS AOTR

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